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Tufted Coating and Drying Lines


Tufted Coating and Drying Lines


The Sellers finishing range for tufted products includes primary backcoating, foam applications and embossing, secondary and laminating. Sellers has the design flexibility to build these lines to meet customer requirements. The equipment available for coating and drying products includes:

  • Tracked unroll units.

  • Entry ‘J’ scrays and accumulators.

  • Back and face brushing units with extraction.

  • Single and dual-path lick roller applicators.

  • Overhead direct spread units and jute lock unroll systems.

  • Stenter mechanisms with unique Sellers design allowing full width adjustment, external lubrication and cleaning assemblies.

  • True dual zone drying chambers allowing significant temperature differential between the top and bottom zones.

  • Chambers can be oil, gas or steam heated.

  • Sellers double roller laminating units offering an infinitely variable width setting and carpet widths can be changed ‘on the run’.

  • Single and multi roller embossing units available for foam backed products.

  • Exit equipment including edge trimming and removal, accumulators, inspection, slitting and cross-cut and re-roll units.

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