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Woven Backcoating and Drying Plants


Woven Backcoating and Drying Plants


The Sellers Woven Finishing Lines for Wilton and Axminster Carpet incorporate all the elements required to give the customer control over the special techniques needed for finishing these product.   The Lines include:

  • Entry scrays with "no carpet" detectors.

  • Precise carpet tension linked to the main drive minimizes the possibility of distortion.

  • Purpose designed guiding units fitted at all critical areas.

  • Improved cleaning units incorporating beaters, back and face brushes with extraction systems.

  • Incorporation of Bow/Weft Straighting Units.

  • Precise latex application achieved with a coated lick roll system incorporating all the necessary control variables.

  • Automatic Latex Mixing and Circulation systems.

  • New SILCS Latex Application Monitoring.

  • Carpet drying via a combination of high efficiency hot air drying chambers together with drying cylinders.

  • Simple carpet path minimize pile contact.

  • Efficient and controlled steaming achieved with either chest or vertical steamers.

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