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Matthys makes creels for tufting machines:

  • On a modular way

  • With several options and lay-out

  • Custom-made

Further advantages of our creels:

  • A very strong construction

  • No beams on the ground

    • Ergonomic

    • Easy to clean

    • Easy to put the bobbins on the creel

  • A self-supporting bridging, not leaning on the tufting machine

Several executions and options:

  • Adjustable lighting

  • Platforms (different strengths and different coverings)

  • Protections for platforms (in several executions)

  • Corridor to knot the bobbin

  • Built-in chariots

  • Pressurized air with pistols and spiral tubes

Matthys also makes creels for semi- and full automatic charging of bobbins on inter changeable bobbin carts.



Years of experience have lead to continuous improvement of our bobbin holders. We've come to use a wide variety of bobbin holders, from which the most popular are:

  • Double spring holders - SC170-100: big and heavy bobbins (max. Ø400 mm, 10 kg)

  • Single spring holders - SC170-102/3: for low weight bobbins

  • Single spring holder - SC170-105: especially designed for automatic creeling



  • Compact design

  • For fabric widths up to 5.200 mm

  • For roll diameters up to Ø 900 mm

  • With pneumatic roll lifting system for rolls of up to 950 kg

  • Controlled fabric tension

  • Edge guiding

  • Unwinding shaft locking mechanism


  • Walkway for a better access to the tufting machine

  • Moveable step for a better access to the collector board



Inspection units are integrated right after the tuft machine, thus enabling an immediate repair of tufting defaults.


  • Reparation of defaults just after the tufting machine

  • Reparation of defaults just before the winding machine (tissue on rolls) or folding machine (tissue in carts)

  • Double use: the fabric can pass in two different ways through the inspection unit at the customer's wish

Modular design allowing various extra features to be added such as:

  • A control panel (with or without backlight)

  • A compensation system with several rolls (separate or in a carriage)

  • Spiral rolls and spreading rolls to prevent wrinkles

  • A steaming unit



  • The inspected fabrics are wound on a batch winder

  • With pneumatic roll ejection

  • With cross-cutter

  • For rolls up to Ø 2000 mm

  • Straight and compact wound rolls

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